I bring arts experiences into community venues.

Sometimes I use my own art to bring attention to creativity, more often I am creating spaces for others to explore ways they can be creative. Most often I am collaborating with others to help them reach one of their objectives through the arts.

It’s important to create inclusive environments where people can work together creatively. This develops problem solving, empathy and opens the door to new perspectives.

I like to facilitate experiences where the creative is brought to other activities, or unexpected places. It’s important to bring art to the people in multiple places and formats.



Be Creative: Make Stuff

Where will Artosaur be next?

Artosaur is an example of how I view steAm (science, technology, engineering, Art, math) teaching. I lead with the arts and, therefore, bring kids into the steAm program who might not have become part of it through other avenues.


“Life is complicated and creative expression enhances our ability to see beyond words to understand each other in new ways.”

VisualsSpeak tools are a creative way to bring people together. The VisualsSpeak tools are designed to facilitate and spark conversations.

We use an extensively tested method for creating images that engage both the creative and analytical parts of each participant.

VisualsSpeak tools help people connect!

How can I help you bring your project to life?

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