big cat
Big Cat

When I start doing artwork, I can be fairly prolific. The work starts accumulating and I wonder what to do with it all. There’s only so much to sell or give away, seems there is always a pile left. Over the years, it can be a lot of stuff.

It’s one of the reasons I like working digitally. It’s much easier to store digital files, although when you get into the tens of thousands of images it takes some pretty large hard drives and a consistent back up strategy to keep it safe.

A while back I was looking through old artwork wondering what to do with it and found a bunch of sketches. I started scanning them into the computer thinking it would be a way to keep them without taking up the space.

The sketches were from a phase when I was thinking a lot about coloring books. I did a bunch of line drawings of animals, but never did anything else with them. I started making sketches for coloring because I like to color. So I started coloring my sketches on the computer.

Some of the color on this one is on the original sketch done with watercolor and hard pastel, some of it is done digitally. Late at night I like to work on projects where I don’t have to think too much. These have been perfect for that. I find it a great way to wind down before bed.

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