Actually Painting Every Day

I’ve been saying I have been painting everyday for over six months. Ok, I’ve exaggerated a bit. I have done 91 paintings in the last 180+ days. So more like one every other day. I keep getting sucked away by “important” things. Hard business stuff, email and the list of things I have been analyzing lately. Even though I have started using my painting in my new product designs, in my mind, painting is still the bonus for getting all the real work done.

No more.

This is yet another public declaration. This time I’m going to put practices in place to keep me inspired.

My online gallery

As part of my commitment to taking my artwork seriously again, I have created an online gallery to sell prints of my work. Here is a slideshow from one of the galleries.

There is also a section for the photographs from the VisualsSpeak ImageSet.

I will be regularly adding new images. Because I will be CREATING them.

Art Every Day Month

aedmlogopurpleLeah Piken Kolidas is an artist who I admire, and she has been doing a challenge every November for the last seven years, to be creative everyday. She has a whole group of people who join her. It’s not just art in the visual sense, its about being creative, and nurturing our creativity every day.

I’m doing it.

Every day in November. Not every other day. Not when I finish the rest of my work. Priority time every day.

Leah has even created an optional Survival Guide for Art Every Day Month where you can get daily emails and encouragement.

Who wants to join me? You can sign up by leaving a comment on Leah’s Art Every Day Month blog page. And be sure to let me know you are doing it so we can support each other.

Holiday wishes

Happy Holidays

All the best to you and yours for your celebration of choice. We’re grateful for the journey we share and the myriad of ways our lives intersect. We look forward to the crossing of our paths in the future.

Christine and Tom

Craft in America

I watched the new PBS series on Craft in America the other night. Since my first degree is in textiles, I spent a number of years living in the world of craft. I did exhibits and craft shows, and made stuff. Some of my favorite work was the underwater scenes I made out of painted and stitched fabrics. Anyway, because I spent a number of years immersed in the world of fine craft, I have met many of the people who were featured in the series. It was fun to see what has happened to people in the last twenty years.Continue reading