Many roads to choose from

In the version above, the images are digitally put together. It’s available from my online gallery in an interesting format called a fotoflōt. The image is printed onto a surface that does not require framing and allows the image to stand by itself without a frame around it.

The images are also available separately as shown below.

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I’ve been visually exploring the ideas around many choices, how many roads we have to choose from. I’m not big into regret, I think we do the best we can at the time given what we know. It’s just hard to see where all the roads might lead. In this one I was also thinking about how things look different in the day and night.

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  1. Whoa! Your roads really reach my gut, baby! I’m a sucker for a triptych, and the textured simplicity of the graphic style you have here (and in much of your works) just really knocks me out. You must be thrilled with this work, really — KNOCK OUT!

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