I’m finding myself stealing moments over the day to play with painting on the iPad. I’m loving exploring the type of marks I can make, and learning what it does really well, and what it doesn’t. This one uses the Procreate app.

I’m going to post the sketches here everyday. There is something about committing to sharing them that gives me permission to create them. They are so much fun to do, it’s hard to think of them as work. Even though the will become part of the tools I am working on. The dance between work, play, should, and can continues.

Anyone else want to play?

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  1. I played on a friend’s iPad a couple times – in the painting app. (So wish I owned one.)

    It’s liberating and magical and so much fun!

    Love that posting gives you permission to create.

    • I’ve been trying to edit a video all day, but I keep getting distracted by the shiny new toy…..

  2. Yes! Keep playing. Glad to see you are allowing yourself to do that. You know I always encourage it.

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