This starts my playing with another app, Art Rage. It has a real world media metaphor, which makes it easier to understand what the various brushes might do. This one uses the oil paint quite a bit, and the palette knife to mush it around.

I’ve also started using a Stylus Sock Pro. Makes a big difference when I’m trying to get a sharper line or shape. It’s a piece of conductive fabric sewn onto a paintbrush handle. It still has a blunt end, which the iPad needs to register the touch, but it offers more control than fingers.

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  1. I am delighted for you! Have you explored how to get these out and onto a wall?

    • I’m starting to sort it out. Each application offers different options and resolutions. One has a desktop app that recreates the image at a higher resolution. I have brought them into Photoshop and increased the resolution 150% and they retain crispness for printing. I’ve also seen recommendations to use Perfect Resize (the old Genuine Fractals.)

      I haven’t seen anything where you can go direct from iPad to print (at least not at pro quality.) I suspect they are working on it. I also haven’t begun to explore all the photo applications. It’s seemingly endless….

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