Looking at the cliff

Have you ever been in a place where it looks like there are two paths? One of them ends in a dark place surrounded by turmoil. The other involves jumping off a cliff, not knowing what will happen on the way down.

Of course, there are lots more options. It’s just hard to see sometimes.

What do you do when you are in this place? Or what do you say to others who are?

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  1. Put like that Christine, I think I would opt for jumping off the cliff. Unfortunately it’s not always clear which path leads where. So we usually just choose to stay on the path we’re on – the devil you know. Nor is it always clear which is the braver path to take…

    • Louise,
      You are so right, we don’t ever know what is going to happen, we just think we do. Staying in a familiar groove does seem to be the more common way. I suspect I’ll be jumping off the cliff most of the time too.

  2. Psst. I love your art so so much. Every single piece feels like magic to me. Including this one. Thanks for sharing this goodness.

    • Thanks Fabeku, your support means a lot. I feels so good to hear you love what I do….

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