Each November I take on a challenge to create something everyday. The last few years it has been Creative Every Day Month where I do a new image everyday. This year I am working on a memoir project that uses words and images, so Contentpalooza with it’s focus on creating both seems more fitting.

There is a Facebook group of over 200 people taking this challenge. My plan will be to report my daily progress there. Since it’s already Facebook focused, I will most likely share the images I create there. If you aren’t already connected to me and want to see the daily images, send me a friend request.

My guess right now is I will post summaries of my progress here on the blog. So much of what I am doing right now is part of a much larger project, so I’ve been wondering how to share it. Do I post the parts and share the process as it develops? Or wait until there are more finished pieces to show?

What do you enjoy? Seeing the process or just the result?


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