Christine wearing a shop coatNot that my clothes are anything special, yet working in watercolor I never really worried about what I was wearing. Oil paint doesn’t come out of clothes, so now I need to worry about it. When I was in art school, I wore my Dad’s old shop coats which worked great. Those are long gone, so I bought myself a new one. We’ll see how it works

Three different types of gloves to wear oil paintingThen there are the gloves. Not thrilled about wearing them, but if I’m going to be mindul about safety, I’ve got to wear them at least part of the time. I didn’t realize how much I stick my fingers in my paint. Don’t notice it much with watercolor.

I’ve got three different weights of gloves to try. I suspect it will be situational. Using solvents will be the heavy green solvent resistant ones. Everyday painting I’ll try the black gardening gloves and the nitrite exam gloves.

Getting paint on my wrist Easy to make a mess

Even wearing the long sleeved shop coat and gloves, I managed to get paint on my skin in between them. I’ve also scratched my eye and looked like I was wearing bright blue eyeshadow. I regularly take my gloves off to do something, and forget to put them back on right away. The most common thing I find myself doing is picking up the paintings forgetting they stay wet for days.

Lots of things to get used to. How do you protect yourself when working with art materials?

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