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When it comes to facilitating group processes that are engaging, productive and help people take leaps in their thinking, the ImageSet is about to become your new best friend. Our unique approach uses photographs to interrupt the stories that people always tell, which keeps them stuck, and help them get to meaningful solutions.
The ImageSet contains 200 photographs that have been extensively tested and used across a broad spectrum of processes. Not just any photos, though — we spent years testing and analyzing thousands of images to understand the underlying visual language and how that can move conversations forward, get people engaged, and help spark new ideas and understandings.
A User Manual is included that gives you an overview of our method and has specific examples of how to use it with: Team Building, Strategic Visioning/Goal-Setting, Conflict Resolution, Career/Life Coaching and Intercultural Communications.
Once you learn the method, it’s easy to adapt it to other applications!

This set is matte laminated for durability.

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Dimensions25 × 38 × 3 cm