Holding Aligned Choices

Here are the answers to some of the questions I’ve been getting about the studio sale.

Isn’t a studio sale in your studio?

In theory, however my studio is big enough for me, the cats and two other people assuming only one of them wants to sit down. Instead Luna Jaffe has offered her lovely office in Multnomah Village. She has more space, and it’s in Portland.

Sunday April 7, 2013
Drop in anytime 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

At the offices of:

Luna Jaffe International
7837 SW Capitol Hwy Suite C
Portland, OR 97219

What the difference between this and other kinds of art shows?

This will be less formal. Instead of having all the art framed and on the wall, much of it will be in plastic sleeves so you can touch it. Move it around. See it in varied light. Some of it will be matted, a few things framed. You’ll see pieces from different series and times. In a variety of media, as well as different types of prints.

Do I have to buy something?

Absolutely not. Art will be for sale, but there will be no pressure or expectation that anyone has to buy.

Can I bring other people?

Yes, of course. You are encouraged to.

What happens at a studio sale?

I’ll be at Luna’s office the whole time just talking to people about my art (or anything else you come up with.) You can take a close look at the work. Find out how it’s done.

I’ve been focused on creating VisualsSpeak for the last decade, so I haven’t been showing my original work. This will be the first time I’ve shown most of this work. I’ve been working steadily, especially the past three years, so I have quite a few pieces.

Honestly, I had no idea how much I had until I started pulling things out for this event. I have hundreds of originals. They look different in real life than they do on screen. I also have several different kinds of affordable prints.

Can I afford anything?

Probably. I’ll have prints starting at $25. The most expensive paintings will be $350. Most will be less, many only $100. I’m not currently under contract with a gallery, so I can keep the prices affordable for now. This is one of the reasons I like the informal settings. It keeps my costs down, and I can pass that along to my customers.

What if I don’t live in Portland?

After the sale, I will begin to make the original work available online. In the meantime, if you see something you just love drop me an email (info @ visualsspeak.com) and I’ll give you the info about it.

Stay tuned, I’m going to start posting pictures of some of the work that will be at the sale here and on  Facebook.

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