The theme of my Sketchbook Project is secret codes. My approach was to decide what the most important message I wanted to send out into the world. I have an overall message that is written throughout the book over and over, and there is one word that changes on the separate pages. There are no words written out of code, so I wanted to create some other visual cues to tie the book together.

If you want to know the messages, you can click on these thumbnails, and they will open larger so you can read them. If you want it to stay secret, or you want to figure out the codes, don’t click!

Here are a couple of the pages you may have seen in earlier posts, but this is the order they come in the book.

So that’s all I have for now. I didn’t have time to scan all the pages in before I had to send it off to the Brooklyn Art Library. Eventually the book will be digitized by them and will be available online (and I’ll add a link.) The books will start touring around the US in February 2011. I’m looking forward to going to see them in Seattle in June. Lots of pictures are starting to appear on the Art House Coop site, and most of them are incredible. I’m glad I didn’t see any of them before it was time to send mine in, or I might have decided not to!

It’s hard to imagine all the logistical details involved to coordinate a project like this with over 28,000 artists. Thanks to all who participated and worked to make it possible.

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