I’ve continued to play with combining a background created by using the random Citrasolv on National Geo technique with some sketches I did on paper. Each gets scanned in separately, then combined digitally. With this one, I also painted the lizard on the computer, and added some more details.

I’m always interested in moving between traditional art media, and the digital. There are qualities that each one is better at, so being able to combine them opens a wider range of possibility. The interesting part is when people want the originals. The original becomes a digital file since the image is manipulated on the computer from scans of pieces created on paper. So you have two choices, a digital file or a print.

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  1. I’m not a digital artist, but I really do appreciate its beauty. I’m always amazed at what can be done with a computer. The combination of the dark background with the striking green in this piece is wonderful. nancy

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