Jim Denevan Sand Paintings

Here’s some large scale earth drawings that get washed away with the tide. Certainly solves the ‘where do I store all the artwork I’ve accumulated over the years’ problem.

Drawings by Stephanie Bergeron

Here’s a delightful creative project, line drawings that integrate with a shaped book. I particularly like the way Stephanie has integrated the outside edges with the subsequent pages. Wouldn’t it be a great coloring book? (One of the ones for adults that come with really nice colored pencils.¬† OK, forget the pencils, I’ve got plenty.)

drawing by ©Stephanie Bergeron Art

Art inspired by William Morris

I adore William Morris. I had a portrait of him in my high school portfolio. As a textile major in college, I poured over his designs for wallpaper and fabrics. So I was really interested to see what Hllary Pfiefer is doing.

She’s being inspired by the forms in Morris’s work, creating them as jewelry from found objects, and installing them on a 100 square foot wall. If you click over to the Kickstarter site you can see a short video about the piece.

I was also excited to see she is in Portland. I want to see this!

More info about her work can be found hilarypfeifer.com and on her blog hilarypfeifer.blogspot.com

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  1. this is like TOTALLY cool!

  2. this is like TOTALLY cool!

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