Incredible stitched portraits by Cayce Zavaglia

My art degree is in textiles, and really it is my first love of media. The main reason I’m not working with it now is I have a cat who I adore that compulsively eats threads. After several surgeries, I decided to paint for a while.

Cayce’s portraits would be incredible if they were painted or drawn. But they are stitched! By hand. Just spectacular.

Cayce Zavaglia portrait
Cayce Zavaglia portrait

Jason Ballman interactive painting

Jason Baalman created an interesting 10 minute video showing a much longer collaboration between four artists working on one image over the internet. It’s fascinating to watch how the image changed, and the incredible range of imagery that emerges.

Colored pencils as art!

I love seeing art supplies. When I have the space, I like to leave my colored pencils and paints laid out where I can be inspired by the colors. Fellismo is releasing 500 colors of pencils as a subscription, 25 pencils a month for 20 months. Swoon!

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