Things I found inspiring this week:

Jennifer Maestre Sculptures

In an article in Women’s Day, she mentions how her hands hurt if she doesn’t take a break. I’m trying to figure out how she gets the points all so perfect (I want her sharpener.) Then how she keeps them so perfect. Her website is worth a visit, a feast of color and form.

IVFP Conference

The International Forum of Visual Practitioners conference is going on this week in California, with lots of interesting graphic facilitation examples.  being posted around the web. The Center for Graphic Facilitation has posted a very interesting series of videos from the conference on the history of the field.

Brandy Agerbeck Graphic Facilitation Videos

Speaking of graphic facilitation, Brandy Agerbeck has been doing a series of videos demonstrating graphic facilitation for a variety of purposes. Here is one on the use of color. You can see the whole series on along with her other creative work.

What have you seen this week?

Anything caught your eye? Or have you done something interesting? Love to see what you are finding inspiring. You are welcome to share your visual food in the comments.

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