The question of when a piece is finished is completely different when working digitally. When you are working with pixels, you simple save a copy, and keep going. It’s opens up so many possibilities and allows me to experiment in a way I can’t when working strictly with traditional media. It removes the risk of going too far.

The ipad takes it to another level for me. I find myself experimenting and playing in a way I haven’t done in a long time.

Exploring Edges

I was on a call where a group of us were talking about exploring the edges of our work. In this case, it was in a leadership context, and about our willingness to be on new edges and take risk.

I created the image on the left to talk about how edges seems pretty well defined up to a certain point, then they get fuzzy as you get further into risk. As the conversation progressed, I was seeing more nuances and levels. I kept working on the image, and by the end of the call, had the image on the right.

Which one is finished?

Exploring Finished

I decided to play with the idea of what makes something finished. I have another new ipad app, so I wanted to explore some it’s features also. These are done in Wasabi Paint. Each one started from the image at the top left.

It’s easy to go to far. But playing on the ipad, who cares? I learn about the brushes and get ideas for things that will work on subsequent pieces.

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