VisualsSpeak Tools: A Creative Approach to Facilitation

VisualsSpeak offers a transformative way of facilitating discussions and brainstorming sessions. The method, refined over 15 years through rigorous design-based research, is proven to engage both the creative and analytical minds of participants. Expect increased participation, deeper engagement, and more meaningful outcomes

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Why VisualsSpeak?

  • Proven Effectiveness: The products have consistently delivered results, improving the outcomes for clients.
  • Lasting Results: The methods and tools of VisualsSpeak create enduring impacts.
  • Business Growth: The products generate repeat business and referrals.
  • Deeper Insights: Uncover new narratives and meanings with VisualsSpeak’s innovative products.
  • Global Reach: The products are utilized in over 20 countries, showcasing their universal appeal.

Applications of VisualsSpeak

  • For Organizations and Businesses: The tools are widely used by organizational development consultants, educational institutions, and businesses for strategic visioning and cross-cultural communication.
  • For Individuals and One-to-One Sessions: Coaches, counselors, and therapists use our tools for personal growth, career counseling, and business consulting, helping clients discover and move beyond their existing narratives.
  • For Teams and Groups: Facilitators and educators utilize our tools to kickstart meetings, encouraging groups to move past repetitive stories and find new paths forward.

Our Core Principles

  • Fun and Experiential Learning: We believe in the power of fun to unlock creativity and effective problem-solving.
  • Long-Term Relationships: The goal is to build lasting partnerships with clients.
  • Holistic Facilitation: The tools engage both the creative and analytical aspects of participants.
  • Participant-Led Processes: Empowering individuals to identify and express their own ideas and values.
  • Cooperative Communities: Sharing knowledge within the VisualsSpeak community enhances the effectiveness of our practices.


VisualsSpeak ImageSet: The flagship tool comprises 200 photographs designed for various facilitation needs, including strategic visioning and conflict resolution.

Visual Icebreaker Kits: Tailored for starting group sessions on a high note, these kits foster engagement and alignment.

Exploring New Options: Specifically designed for personal development, this tool aids coaches and counselors in guiding clients through self-exploration and growth.

VisualsSpeak for Online Meetings:Digital slide collections compatible with popular online meeting platforms, ensuring interactive and engaging virtual sessions.